Beach Park Surf School

Beach Park offers various types of surf schools and lessons.
You will be able find the one that you are looking for.

Beach Park 茅ヶ崎

"I would like to start surfing, but what do I need to do?" "I want to participate surf contests."
For your questions, please feel free to contact us via phone call or email.
We have answers for you.

Beach Park 茅ヶ崎




Surf school for beginners.

"I want to try surfing now!!" No worries!
Our school is a small group and includes insurance and wetsuit and, of course, surfboard!

¥6000 / person

Surf school for semi-beginners.

"I can paddle out and stan. I want to ride sideways"
You can bring your own board but no changes to the price.

¥8000 / person

Personal surf school by professional surfer.

Includes taking a video your surfing and advices with watching the video after surfing.

¥15000 / person

Surf school for family.

Either mother or father and one child can join.
Why don't you have a good family memory at the beach.

¥10,000 / 1 adult + 1 kid(Under 15)

Surf school and BBQ.※reservation in advance is required

We have a surf lesson in the morning and have BBQ for lunch.
This is "Shonan" style. Organic vegetables are from Beach Park farm, without use of pesticides.
Please enjoy a good day for your health and mind!.

¥10000 / 2 persons

※All schools include gears.No changes to the prices even if you bring your own gears. Insurance is included.

※Because surfing is a sports with nature, please understand that schools / lessons may be cancelled due to condition of the day.

※Please apply to schools via email. You can pay prices on the day of your school.


Beach Park 茅ヶ崎 Beach Park 茅ヶ崎